Definition of "Chartered Hulls"

McLaughlin Charters over 150 hulls annually to families that fly in to a Regatta. These hulls are used at one or two events and then returned to the factory. Each hull is thoroughly cleaned, buffed and inspected. The vast majority of them look as new.

We offer these "like new" hulls at a discount. When purchased in a Club or Intermediate Racer package the spars* and sails will be brand new. Only the hull and sometimes the blades will have been used.

These boats carry our full warranty. Each boat sold comes with a year's subscription to the class magazine, the most informative sailing magazine published. Chartered hulls are also eligible for fleet discounts beginning at 3 boats.

Most of the fleet purchases come from this stock of boats and availability may be limited depending on the time of year.

*Previously chartered Blackgold Spars, dollies, foils, covers and occasionally sails are available at discount individually or as packages.

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