FAQ: Instructions: Mast Lock Safety Clamp Instructions

This unique locking clamp can mean a savings of $200 to over $800 worth of repairs and replacements in event of a dismasting during capsize. This Safety Clamp is designed to be used in conjunction with the mast securely tie-in rope on the deck. It is a back-up system in case the tie-in system fails, comes undone or is too loose.


1. Tie the pennant to the threaded part of the mast step with a bowline or two half hitches leaving plenty of slack.

2. Step mast and secure with traditional tie-in. Lift mast to be certain the tie-in is snug and won’t allow mast base to rise more than ” out of the mast cup.

3. Lock Safety Clamp just under thwart or thwart sleeve allowing enough room for mast to swivel freely. Safety Clamp should be positioned so mast cannot raise more than about ”. Repeat steps 2 and 3 each time you step the mast.

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