FAQ: Instructions: RIG Travel Bag Plastic Tube

To further protect your sail and spars, get yourself a piece of 4-inch thin walled PVC drainpipe. This drainpipe is perforated allowing the sail to dry. Any hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowe’s has this lightweight PVC pipe for under $10. Do not buy Schedule 40 PVC pipe. It will not fit and is very heavy. The reason for the pipe is to allow the sail to be wrapped around the boom and placed inside. In that way the sail will not be crushed when other objects are set on top of it.


Cut the pipe down to 7 foot 7 inches (91 inches overall). Wrap the sharp ends with some duct tape to prevent the plastic from wearing through the cover. Make sure the tube is clean on the inside before inserting your sail by pushing a damp towel through the pipe using your sprit as a pusher.

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