Hold Harmless Statement

By accepting this charter:

Charterer hereby assumes all risk of injury to any person or property from any cause whatsoever in connection with the possession and use of the chartered Optimist dinghy. Charterer hereby indemnifies and holds McLaughlin Boat Works harmless from any claim, action, proceeding, damages and liabilities, including reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs, arising from or in connection with the Charterer’s possession, use and return of the chartered Optimist dinghy. The Charterer shall maintain the Chartered Opti clean and presentable and in the same condition of repair as accepted at the beginning of the Charter Term. Particular attention should be given to the hull bottom, which can become scratched if proper care is not taken when launching and removing the boat from the water. The bottom should be scratch free when returned. Charterer hereby assumes all risk of loss and damage to the Chartered Opti. In the case of a collision the Charterer is responsible to pay for damages, even if it is not their fault.