420 Equipment

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420 Race Training DVD EX3030

420 Race Training DVD

Sail Faster 420 DVD. Learn how to improve your 420 speed with the help of World champions. Here you can see some amazing and never before seen action...


420 Spinnaker EX3037

420 Spinnaker

420 Spinnaker. 7 panel spinnaker of 0.75 oz sail Challenge sailcloth.


Mast Float EX2600

Mast Float

Mastfloat. Signifcantly reduces the risk of inversion. Unique design of two inflatable tubes connected with a piece of sailcloth. The sailcloth can...


Padded 420 Boom Cover EX3026

Padded 420 Boom Cover

Fully padded 420 boom cover. Red flag for safety on the end of the cover. Polyester pvc with 5mm closed cell foam and tarpaulin lining. 47.2 inch...


Padded 420 Centerboard Cover EX3028

Padded 420 Centerboard Cover

 Padded 420 centerboard cover


Padded 420 Mast Cover EX3025

Padded 420 Mast Cover

Fully padded 420 mast cover. Tapered towards the top with reinforced openings for the spreaders. Several straps for tieing excess material. Velcro...


Padded 420 Rudder Cover EX3027

Padded 420 Rudder Cover

Fully padded 420 rudder cover. Protect your expensive foils. Opening is almost 18 inches and has velcro closure.


Trapeze Clamcleat EX3055

Trapeze Clamcleat

 Aluminum clamcleat trapeze and vang cleat, with intergral roller


Removable Storage Bag EX3060

Removable Storage Bag

Storage bag to be used with round deck plates as found in the Oppi. This removable bag can be mounted under existing hatches with the supplied fixing...


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