Trapeze Harnesses

Product Image Model- Item Name Price
Pro Racing Harness 15005.140150

Pro Racing Harness

All around harness with low bulk and internal back support and is designed for all trapeze boats. Features include: Saftey quick release hook,...

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Smart Harness 15005.120615

Smart Harness

Entry-level harness for all boats that have a trapeze. Features include: Safety quick release hook, Pre-shaped shoulder straps, Covered Buckles,...

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Team Harness 15005.150230

Team Harness

Lightweight, free harness; fixed with center low integrated hook. This harness was shaped and designed with historical file from Olympic sailors....

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Ultimate II Harness 15005.120600

Ultimate II Harness

Full support harness with those who want maximum support and comfort. Features include: Saftey quick release hook, internal back support, upper back...

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Viper Harness 15005.150235

Viper Harness

Most lightweight dinghy harness and a simple dinghy design was designed and worn by Olympians. Features include: Shoulder closing and adjustment...

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Quick Release Spreader 15005.120630

Quick Release Spreader

Hook can be detached with a simple pull of the quick release Hook can be ordered separate


Replacement Hook 15005.120640

Replacement Hook

Replacement hook for quick release spreader bar.


Tube Spreader 15005.063291

Tube Spreader

Replacement spreader for harnesses.


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