Top Covers

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Batten Tented Top Cover EX1080

Batten Tented Top Cover

Full batten tented topcover. This cover has 2 sailbattens integrated into the top panel. The top panel will be tented when the webbing straps...


Optimist Top Cover 15008.140220

Optimist Top Cover

Optimist top cover comes with a unique drain batten system and is made of heavy duty 600D dual coated polyester canvas.


Optiparts Moistureguard Top Cover EX1081

Optiparts Moistureguard Top Cover

This high quality top cover is becoming the most popular and will last and last. It is made of Moistureguard 2000, a heavy duty 900 polyester with a...


Optiparts "Economy" Top Cover EX1082

Optiparts "Economy" Top Cover

Low cost economical topcover. Designed to be like the EX1081 top cover, but made from 600D pvc coated polyester. 100% water resistant but not...


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