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Mast Lock Safety Clamp EX1203

Mast Lock Safety Clamp

The mast clamp can save you hundreds of dollars in deck repairs if your mast happens to come out of the mast step during a capsize. This stainless...


Praddle ex1440


Single handed paddle. Can be used with one arm only while steering with the other arm. Weighs only 215 grams.


Regatta Support Kit SUPPORT

Regatta Support Kit

This is our basic regatta support kit that comes with everything you need for just about any breakdown that can occur out on the race course. Perfect...


Compressed Sponge Stick EX1445

Compressed Sponge Stick

Sponge stick. Grows from a compressed stick to a full sized sponge. Amaze your friends. High quality, biodegradable and environmentally friendly...


McLaughlin Whistle w/ Lanyard EX1441

McLaughlin Whistle w/ Lanyard

We did a study of the top whistles and this fox 40 peelesss whistle gave out the loudest sound of them all. This bright orange whistle is great for...


Protest Flag in Pouch w/ Lanyard EX1373

Protest Flag in Pouch w/ Lanyard

This practical protest flag ties to the boom and can be deployed in a matter of seconds. Velcro is used to secure the flag in the pouch when not in...


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