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Coast Short Jacket 15007.140520

Coast Short Jacket

M-Tech 3 layer waterproof jacket with a sportive shape that fits to the waist. A 3 layer laminate constructed for ultimate waterproof proof and...
Sale: $339.99
Save: 20% off

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Costal 2 Layer Spraytop 15007.130745

Costal 2 Layer Spraytop

Full waterproof and wind protection from rain and spray in a sport smock. A micro fiber 100% M-Tech 2 layer waterproof fabric with taped seams...
Sale: $199.99
Save: 20% off

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Cube Long John 15001.110100

Cube Long John

2mm light neoprene wetsuit made for hiking (with or without pads) for all boats. Features include: Pro Pads attachment capability, Lighweight M-Flex...
Sale: $92.00
Save: 20% off

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Cube Quick Dry L/S 15001.130215

Cube Quick Dry L/S

This long sleeve breathable and waterproof fabric with UV 50+ keeps you cool on hot days with a loose fit. This AeroFlex quick dry shirt has a high...
Sale: $32.35
Save: 20% off

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Ignite Long John 4mm 15001.140025

Ignite Long John 4mm

Winter season 4mm hiking or skiff suit for all boats. Features include: M-Flex neoprene, glued blind stiching, polar lining on the inside for warmth...
Sale: $151.96
Save: 20% off

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Lightning Breathable Spraytop 15007.101100

Lightning Breathable Spraytop

This thermal spraytop is a waterproof, four way stretch, breathable softshell with seamless and waterproof taped seams to grant you maximum...
Sale: $120.00
Save: 20% off

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Metalite Pant Long 15001.120235

Metalite Pant Long

Metalit Pant Long is made of 1.5mm OS metalite heat reflecting thermal insulation. These pants are ultra light with: flatlock stick technology,...
Sale: $86.30
Save: 20% off

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Shore Smock Jacket 15007.110530

Shore Smock Jacket

Sportive pullover M-Tech 3 layer waterproof smock jacket with soft neoprene neck closure built inside an outer neck with fleece lining. A 3 layer...
Sale: $427.99
Save: 20% off

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Team Jacket 15001.130130

Team Jacket

A windproof and waterproof 2 layer neoprene constructed jacket to provide insulation in between races in colder weather conditions. There are side...
Sale: $95.96
Save: 20% off

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Wellington Salopette 15007.110540

Wellington Salopette

M-Tech 3 layer waterproof trousers built with an ergonomic fit and strech fabric at the shoulders for optimal comfort and upper body temperature...
Sale: $343.99
Save: 20% off

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