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Chartered DyNaMis DSK Blade Set DSK-SETC

Chartered DyNaMis DSK Blade Set

DSK foils are all hand made with a unique design and have excellent performance in the water. There is one type of rudder (DyNaMiS) and three types...
Sale: $715.50
Save: 10% off


Chartered N1 Blade Set N1NRC

Chartered N1 Blade Set

N1 blade set from our charter fleet. Used at a few regattas then inspected and cleaned up for resell. Normal wear should be expected, but should not...
Sale: $600.00
Save: 10% off


Chartered Optiparts Blade Set EX11155TC

Chartered Optiparts Blade Set

These are foils that have been used at a few McLaughlin charters and are now being sold. The Optiparts new rule foils have a good finish and are...
Sale: $500.00
Save: 10% off


Optiparts Epoxy Blade Set (2nd's) EX11155T2ND

Optiparts Epoxy Blade Set (2nd's)

At McLaughlin we take pride in quality.  Although the picture may not show it, the fiberglass in these blades is too close to the surface of the...


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