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Black Gold -- Low Cleat Spar Set with 40mm Boom EX975LC

Black Gold -- Low Cleat Spar Set with 40mm Boom

The perfect choice for the Optimist. The Blackgold medium set contains:   BLACKGOLD mast with low cleat. Designed for small Opti kids...


Black Gold Mast -- Low Cleat EX900LC

Black Gold Mast -- Low Cleat

The Blackgold LC with a low cleat fitted. Made on request from Opti Coaches. Perfect for smaller kids to have the advantage of easy grip. The...


Economy Bottom Cover EX1091S

Economy Bottom Cover

Design like the EX1091 Breathable Bottom Cover but made of 600D pu coated Polyester. Light gray color.


Long Sail Batten EX1417L

Long Sail Batten

Sail accessories. Long Sail Batten 54.5cm, with hole, for bottom batten.


Mini Spool of 3mm Dyneema EX13663

Mini Spool of 3mm Dyneema

New 3mm Grey Dyneema without cover and with a protective UV resistant coating; 16m (52ft.). 


Optimax Racing Sails OX56, OX57, OX58

Optimax Racing Sails

Optimax introduces three NEW Optimist racing sails CERO ,  UNO  and  DOS  made from Contender Polykote 2.8...

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Optiparts Stand-up Boot EX1305

Optiparts Stand-up Boot

40mm PVC Boot for Mainsheet Block. 


Protection Pack EX1118

Protection Pack

Complete package of Optimist protection for maststep, daggerboard, mast, outhaul, bailer and sprit. Contains selfadhesive ptfe protection for...


Protection Pack for Laser® EX2001

Protection Pack for Laser®

Complete package of Laser ® protection for: maststep, mast, tiller, outhaul, and center board. Contains two discs for the maststep, two stripes...


Rubber Transom Plug EX1235

Rubber Transom Plug

Rubber transom plug for dinghies with transom drains. Max locking hole size: 45 mm


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