Laser® Bailers & Drain Plugs

 Bailer & Drain Plugs for the Laser®

Product Image Model- Item Name Price
RVS Bailer Springs EX2075

RVS Bailer Springs

RVS Bailer Springs (Set of 2). PROMO VIDEO:


Laser® Bailer EX2070

Laser® Bailer

Complete auto bailer for the Laser®. This can be used as a replacement bailer. An economic solution if your bailer has died. Includes cockpit...


Laser® Bailer O-Rings (Set of 10) EX2074-10

Laser® Bailer O-Rings (Set of 10)

Ten replacement bailer O-rings for the Laser®. Make sure your bailer closes properly. Replace your O-rings before they give out.


Laser® Bailer Replacement Kit EX2072

Laser® Bailer Replacement Kit

 Bailer replacement kit comes with teo O-rings, a chute and cockpit plug.


Laser® Cockpit Plug EX2076

Laser® Cockpit Plug

Cockpit plug for the Laser®. Lose your plug? Happens all the time. Stock up!


Laser® Drain Plug EX2081

Laser® Drain Plug

Laser® drain plug only. Screw in type.


Laser® Drain Plug Assembly EX2080

Laser® Drain Plug Assembly

Laser® drain plug assembly. Screw in type. Class legal.


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