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Laser® Rig Travel Bag EX2038

Laser® Rig Travel Bag

 Heavy duty bag from 600D polyester with 3 compartments for bottom mast, top mast and boom. With zip closure, name tag pocket and detachable and...

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Laser® Rooster Mainsheet (44ft) EX2058

Laser® Rooster Mainsheet (44ft)

Rooster mainsheet has a light high stretch inner core which leaves the outer core to be the load bearer. This unique design helps to maintain...


Laser® Rudder EX2054

Laser® Rudder

Rudderblade for the Laser®. Wood core with fiberglass laminate and white gelcoat. These foils are not allowed for racing but are perfect for...


Laser® Rudderhead EX2053

Laser® Rudderhead

Rudderhead for the Laser®. The cheeks are silver anodized and the head can be used with the rudderblade and the tillers on this site, (EX2054)....


Laser® Sail Batten Set EX2031

Laser® Sail Batten Set

Set of Laser® sail battens to fit all sails for the Laser®. (2- 60cm, 1- 40cm)  


Laser® Standard Replacement Bottom Mast EX2114

Laser® Standard Replacement Bottom Mast

Bottom mast for Standard Laser® Replacement mast great for recreational use, clubs, and sailing schools. ***This item is classified by our...


Laser® Standard Training Sail (Not Class Legal) EX2030

Laser® Standard Training Sail (Not Class Legal)

Training sail for standard Laser®. This long lasting sail is made of extra heavy 4.5 OZ white Dacron sailcloth. It has six panels and heavy duty...


Laser® Top Mast EX2116

Laser® Top Mast

Top mast for Laser®. Great for receational use, clubs, sailing schools and camps. Not for racing. ***This item is classified by our carriers as...


Laser® Vang to Boom Fitting EX2134

Laser® Vang to Boom Fitting

Vang boom attachment. Replace your boom attachment with quality Windesign parts. Great for sailing schools, clubs, and recreational sailing.


Laser® Vang to Mast Fitting EX2132

Laser® Vang to Mast Fitting

Vang mast attachment. Lost or broken part? Reasonably priced replacement part for your vang. Great for sailing school, clubs, recreational sailing...


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