FAQ: Literature: Recycling Your Used Opti


As new fleets of Optimists Spring up all over the country it is important that we get used boats back in circulation as quickly as possible.

From a fleet building standpoint you want to keep as many of your resold boats local as possible. It is frustrating to work hard to build a fleet to 10 or 20 boats then have them resold to families taking them to other lakes or clubs.

One way to achieve this is to have a boat swap. Set aside a Saturday and advertise that this is the day and place for families aging out and new comers to buy and sell equipment. The most successful of these is held each spring at the Bock Locker; Westport CT. Scott Hardy started this about 10 years ago. It has grown to the point that over 40 Optimist are exchanged each year in a 4-hour period. The owner sets a price and the boat can be bought out right at that price. Later in day all the boats are auctioned off with a minimum bid set by the owner.


Another good idea is to donate your Opti to your club program, get a receipt and use it as a tax deduction.

A reminder that USODA has a “Gear Exchange” which is free to members. Just go to USODA.org and follow the easy online instructions.

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